# UTNR 110

If I didn't know better I'd think this scene was from northern New England but it's actually from the Wasatch Mountains in northern Utah. Most of the autumn color we come to expect in the Rocky Mountain states is from aspen which usually display yellow foliage in the fall (with a few isolated stands of red, see # CORRM137 in Gallery 4). In parts of the Wasatch Range, however, Rocky Mountain and Bigtooth Maple form dense stands often mixed with aspen. In this image I'm standing on one side of an open ravine with an opposite hillside of color. This is the perfect opportunity to use a  long lens. The 300mm lens (roughly equivalent to 85mm on a 35mm format) slightly compresses perspective and includes just what's important in the scene. To balance the composition, the largest dominant maple, seen with it's double trunk, was placed just below and to the left of the image center.

Toyo 45 AII camera with Nikon M 300/9 lens
and Fuji Velvia film - 1 sec at f/45