# CAEWM 13

I felt very respectful and humbled while among the ancient bristlecone pines. Even their scientific name; Pinus longaeva, implies their great lifespan. In the White Mountains of eastern California at about 11,000 feet these trees have endured a very harsh environment with some individuals up to 4000 years old - making them the oldest living organisms. It was the second week in November and I encountered some snow on the long road into this area. This was fairly late in the year to visit here and I saw only one other person here during this day. I had been in Death Valley two days previously and was not yet acclimated to the thin air. Late in the day as the sun dipped low to the southwest and provided softer, warmer light, some storm clouds moved over the trees. I had a short window of opportunity to produce a few dramatic images. This is one of my favorite lighting situations: warm, low angle light on a great subject with storm clouds overhead.

Toyo 45 AII camera with Nikon 210/5.6 on Fuji Provia 100F film - 1/15 at f/38