# WAMR 171

Fall is my favorite season for photography. I wish it lasted longer and I could be in several places at once - there's just so much to capture. This was a gorgeous mid-October day in the southern Washington Cascades. Within another week most of the color from huckleberry shrubs would be gone. I was hiking east of the Paradise area hoping to capture a grand scenic including some color with the mountain. Clouds streamed over Rainier's summit most of the afternoon sometimes blocking the sun and flattening the entire scene. By late afternoon conditions became perfect with nice afternoon sidelight on the mountain and puffy clouds above. A polarizing filter which darkened the sky helped to visually separate sky from clouds. A horizontal version of this image appeared in a major National Parks calendar.

Toyo 45 AII camera with Nikon W 150/5.6 lens on Fuji Velvia film - 1 sec at f/38