# UTCR 74

The vertical stripes in these sandstone walls are called "desert varnish". Although these stripes are common in the sandstone canyon walls found on the Colorado Plateau, this was definitely one of the more dramatically striped walls I have ever seen. Even though this image has soft, shadow-free light, it was shot on a sunny day. In this particular canyon, late afternoon sun strikes the opposite canyon wall and acts like a giant fill card providing warm, soft light to the image. Over the next two hours I managed to make several different images here. Some were too "tight" and included too little foreground. This one which included some shrubs and lichen-encrusted rocks was one of my favorites. Away from the visitor center and main campground, Capitol Reef is truly a wonderful, relatively uncrowded, park to explore.

Toyo 45 AII camera with Nikon 150/5.6 lens and Fuji Velvia film - 1 sec at f/45