"SCOTT LAKE BLUES"                  # ORCAC 115
Early summer in the Cascades is a wonderful time with emerging wildflowers and a wonderful freshness to the landscape. The "price " of admission however is the fact that this is the buggiest time of the year. One early July evening, I was constantly waving the dark cloth at the bugs to keep them away from the front of my lens. I also had to be really careful to keep mosquitoes out of the view camera - this has happened before and results in the silhouette of a bug on the film. I made several exposures during the last ten minutes of the day with the sun set adding nice color to the mountains. I liked these shot, but the absence of a any clouds limited their drama. That night, we camped on a side road 1/2 mile from the lake where the mosquito density was much less. It was quite cold that night for early summer - perfect for forming morning fog near lakes. As the sun rose the next morning the fog formed and swirled around the lake for about 45 minutes. Sometimes the mountains were visible and other times they were completely obscured. The best shot is above with a moderate amount of fog. After the sun heated the morning air enough to burn off the remaining fog, back came the skeeters and It was time for a quick exit.

Toyo 45 AII camera with Schneider APO 210/5.6 lens on Fuji Velvia 50 film - 1 sec at f/32