# UTCR 84

This is the same small waterfall on the Fremont River that is featured in image # UTCR 80 in this same gallery. This one is from a different year with less water coming over the falls and my tripod is set up about 20 feet father downstream than before. Here I've included some foreground rocks and like the flowing water approaching the camera. As with the previous image, I'm here at sunrise taking advantage of warm-toned reflected light.
One thing I haven't included, is the graffiti I found here. Some knuckleheads seemed to think this location is improved by scratching their names into the surrounding sandstone. I wish these vandals were permanently banned from all National Parks.

Toyo 45 AII camera with Nikon W 150/5.6
lens and Fuji Velvia film - 2 sec at f/32