# UTCR 80

The Fremont River is the largest stream to cut through the tall cliffs of the Waterpocket Fold in Capitol Reef National Park. The main highway through the park also follows the river and provides easy access. This small waterfall lies in a canyon with tall cliffs above but is open  to the east. Returning here at sunrise I thought some warm reflected light might add interest. As the light of sunrise hit the cliffs above, the stream  began to turn a bronze color. The waterfall became bluish-white however, from the clear sky directly above. Combining cold and warm tones in the same scene usually has a strong visual effect. Being able to accomplish that with just one element in the image, the water, was even better. The exposure here was entirely from reflected light. After about 10 minutes direct sunlight hit the rocks and the opportunity was over.
This image has been published as a two-page spread in a major book on National Parks and a wrap-around cover for a catalog.

Toyo 45AII camera with Nikon W 150/5.6 lens
on Fuji Velvia film - 4 sec at f/32