# ORCAC 151

This image was captured about 20 minutes after # ORCAC 147 which is also in this gallery. This time I've switched to a wider lens to include more of the columnar basalt in the lower right foreground. Low light and a small aperture necessitated a long exposure of eight seconds. Unlike modern digital cameras, the shutter on a view camera lens only times exposures as slow as one second. To do longer exposures, I have to set the shutter speed to B and time the exposure with a watch or by counting. The exposure was calculated by taking a light meter reading off the green moss in the top center. Soft light helped to keep the contrast within the limited range of the film.

Toyo 45AII camera with Schneider XL 110/5.6 lens on Fuji Velvia 50 film - 8 sec at  f/32