# CORS 59

The La Plata Mountains are located in the southwestern corner of the San Juan Mountain Range which covers over 10,000 square miles in southern Colorado. I had seen some excellent wildflower images in print from this area which cultivated my desire to explore here. A study of forest service maps indicated an access road approaching Kennebec Pass from the south. The last few miles of the road to the trail head degenerate into a rough, steep, four-wheel drive only route. I arrived late one afternoon and had enough time for a short hike. The sky had clouded over earlier and, despite some distant views, only closer more intimate scenes would be photogenic. Near a small lake, a small outlet stream was surrounded by scattered pinkish boulders and blooming Parry's Primrose. The green leaves of the Primrose and grass made a striking color contrast to the rocks and blossoms of the Primrose. A slightly wide lens of 150mm (equivalent to about 40 on 35mm format) included just enough of the small scene. Wind was fortunately not a factor here and I was able to make four exposures in the remaining light.

Toyo 45 AII camera with Nikon 150/5.6 lens on Fuji Velvia 50 film - 1/2 sec at f/29 (one stop push)