# CARD 135

I was visiting the Redwood area of northern California hoping for images with redwood trees and blooming rhododendrons. I was too early for the "rhody" bloom but I was informed by park rangers of a "nice meadow" of wildflowers for photography in an area I had not previously visited.
A portion of Redwood National Park extends eastwards and up in elevation away from the coastal redwoods. This habitat features rolling grassy meadows with scattered oak trees and is often dotted with wildflowers in a typical spring. 
Well these certainly were not dots!! This lupine meadow easily stretched over a mile, paralleling a gravel road. The sight and smell were truly intoxicating and conditions were perfect for photography - soft light and little wind. Over the next two days I exposed 30 sheets of 4x5 film from this area -  several of these images have been published in calendars and magazines.
This particular image depicts a small area of the bloom with lupine primarily filling the frame. Very soft sunlight broke through the clouds in late evening and grazed over the top of the more distant flowers. See also # CARD 141 & # CARD 148 in this gallery for more images from this area.

Toyo 45 AII camera with Schneider APO 210/5.6 lens and Fuji Velvia 50 film - 2 sec at f/45