# CADDV 50

Of all the scenes I've witnessed in nature, this is the least likely to be repeated. The winter of 2004-2005 brought record rainfall to the deserts of southern California thanks to El Nino -  a phenomenon which causes the warming of ocean surface water. Storms that normally drench the Pacific Northwest were diverted hundreds of miles south. Normally there would be no wildflowers in this view of an alluvial slope beneath the Black Mountains. In a "good year" there might be a few flowers here in early spring. Even long time residents of southern California deserts had not seen a spring bloom like this before. While I was working this scene in evening light, a network news crew was filming the phenomena. This field of desert sunflower was perhaps a half of a mile wide and extended beyond the left and right borders of this image.

Toyo 45 AII camera with Schneider APO 210/5.6 lens and Fuji Velvia 50 film - 1 sec at f/38